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The Waran name came from the term from a type of Japanese orchid. The orchid was a combination of a European orchid which was cross-fertilised with the Japanese orchid. 

This is how the term 'East meets West' came about on the  products. The founder of Waran, Kondo (pictured), is from Japan and hand crafts all of the sauces on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. 

Kondo grew up in Tsukiji, Tokyo Japan which is known for it's fish markets, which are some of the busiest markets in the world. Many tourists from all over the world visit there.

The family has operated a stall for more
than one decade & are so familiar with Umami/taste and Koku/rich flavour in foods. Waran brings about the Japanese heritage woven into these beautifully flavour rich dressings perfect for modern and traditionally cuisine alike. 

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